How do you spell luscious? S A L V E

You know that special somthin', somthin' that flutters your spirit? The coziest sweater in your closet, the clay mug that was thrown to land in your hand and pair with your most delicious tea? That. Spin the top off the canister of Wise Owl Salve and let the lusciousness begin. Not only is there a scent to appeal to anyone- I know, because no matter the person, I can share a scent with them that makes them hold the salve to their nose for big second and fourth wiffs- but I can feel good about them taking a deep inhale. All natural hemp, along with all natural scents derived from the superior ingredients. So when I say that as much as I love all the products in the Wise Owl line, the salve was a deal seal for me- and I know it will be for you! Allow me to share more, if you please...

I'm now at the point in this love affair that I look around at my world and think, "I bet The Salve will make it better". Furniture is the no-brainer for application. Inside and outside benefit equally, weather you want to seal and protect, revive or simply enhance its smell, you got it. I just finished changing over my wardrobe from warm weather to polar vortex mode. I empty my drawers and pack away anything that will not be worn in the winter and will do the opposite come April. It's also the perfect opportunity to brush in a bit of salve to the inside of my dresser drawers. You can trust that it preserves the furniture and coats the interior with antimicrobials , but more obviously you'll know that it imparts a freshness that's dreamalicious. It never feels like a chore since the scent experience is inherent to the process. 

Leather! Salve is at home on all things leather. Furniture, shoes/boots, handbags, my vintage luggage leather belts and straps...and on and on and on. It restores natural luster instantly and depending on how old and dry the piece is, it may benefit from several applications since really depleted pieces drink it in! Musty smells dissipate -extremely odiferous items may require extra attention. I have some vintage luggage that I use for staging, displaying books in my home, or products in the shop which instantly benefited from an initial coating and I continue to treat them on occasion to maintain a gorgeous luster and prevent musty smells.

Wicker and baskets are instantly revived and protected. Wooden bowls- there is also unscented for use on anything food may come in contact with, however feel good knowing that even the scented salves are safe. Natural items with the ability to "breathe" absorb it quickly, but it will cure on items like vinyl, rubber and metal. Golf clubs? Revived. I kid you not-both grips and shafts! Oh, but there's more, more, more.

Check back often since I'll be sure to post before and after photos of  surprising transformations. Better yet, stop by Tusk Abode if you're in the area to smell for yourself! #tinyshops